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Edward’s Sourdough & The Authentic Village Baker has been true to its aim by consistently producing the highest quality bread for more than a decade. Edward’s & The Authentic Village Baker continue to use traditional European age-old methods of bread making.

We strive to ensure that only bread of the finest quality goes to market.

Our premium products contain many “well-being” benefits:

· Naturally enriched with Acidophilus Bifidus for promotion of a healthy gut

· High in soluble fibre to aid healthy digestion

· Low glycemic index for longer sustenance

· Naturally high in essential vitamins and minerals promoting a healthy immune system

· Low in fat

· No added sugars

· No artificial additives, colours or flavours

· Low in sodium

· Cholesterol free

· Naturally Omega-3 enriched lowering cholesterol and promoting heart health

· Rich source of lignans which may protect against breast and prostate cancers

· Rich source of folate for a healthy baby

· Naturally enriched with vitamin B

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